Proud Home of the Knights

Welcome to Tenino Middle School, home of the Knights. We are a 6th-8th grade school located in Tenino, Washington, a 102-year-old historic town. Our school has great community support. Parent volunteers have helped this school tremendously. We firmly believe that students excel when they know we care about them. Be assured that our teachers and staff care deeply about giving your child the best possible education.

We’re glad you came to visit Tenino Middle School’s online home. We hope you’ll continue to stay familiar with our school. You’ll find that we update calendar dates and news items regularly for your convenience. We have also made the Student Handbook and discipline grid available for you to download. We welcome all calls for additional questions you may have!

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians, and Students,

Thank you to all those parents and students who participated in our student-led conferences! At this time, we calculate that 90% of our students have met with their parents to discuss their learning this year. That is a great number! As parents, your involvement in your children’s education is a powerful, positive motivator for their success. We appreciate your commitment to this process as a precursor to the high school graduation requirement for student-led conferences. I invite you to schedule a parent conference with your child’s teachers at any point in the school year. As a reminder, you can access your child’s grades on an ongoing basis through Skyward. If you need assistance, please call Kathy Suydam at 360-264-3600.

The old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers;” however, here in Washington, April brings testing season which continues into May. Earlier I sent out information about the new Smarter Balanced Assessment to be given to students this year. Students have been taking the Interim Assessments for practice, so we are ready to go! Please support our efforts to encourage students to try their best and see that they get plenty of rest during these testing times. We will provide healthy snacks to give them a little brain boost.

At Tenino Middle School, we are all working to help students stay onTRACK! OnTRACK is a TMS initiative that encourages students to be Tolerant, Respectful, Accountable, Courageous, and Kind. When students understand tolerance, bullying decreases, when students are accountable, academic performance goes up. When students are courageous, they can withstand peer pressure and increase participation in both classroom and extracurricular activities. When students practice respect and kindness, everyone benefits from a positive learning environment. I expect the entire school staff to stay onTRACK as well! You may see students wearing bright green bracelets to remind them to stay onTRACK for success. Be sure to check with your child and ask, “Were you onTRACK today?”

Thank you, parents and students, for your ongoing support. Please feel free to stop by my office if you have any questions or concerns. Of course, we’d love to hear about the positive happenings around school as well!


Sherry Connally

Sherry Connally, Principal